Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Preparations (Exam and Otherwise)

Only 2 more weeks until I am off to Afghanistan. And 'only' 2 more final exams until then. For the latter I should be revising right now, but couldn't help but think that a starting my blog would be the ideal study break to get me right back on track for some more econometrics...

Travel preparations have been much more successful thus far. Internship arrangements? check. Flight to Kabul (via London, Doha and Dubai to make sure I look as fresh as possible upon arrival)? check. Passport with a fancy visa? check. Guide on Afghanistan (that conveniently weighs about half as my total luggage allowance)? check. A ton of excitement? check, check, check!

So really all that remains is getting through these last two exams and I can be on my way to Kabul where I will be spending 9 weeks of this summer interning with a large international development organization in the field of local governance. Can't wait to get on that plane...

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